Signs of a Cheating Partner: 10 Things That Should Raise a Red Flag


“Look for the red flags”

You don’t know the affair that your partner is having an affair. If not physically but maybe your spouse is cheating on you through married online dating sites. Basing your judgment over a hunch without any concrete evidence is too risky. You don’t even have any clue or the slightest idea about his cheating ways. You might be wasting your time over a cheating bastard who is making a fool out of you. Your instincts are telling you differently, different from what your eyes can see. But how can you tell and prove that your instincts are correct. It’s hard enough to determine whether you are just too paranoid or jealous. How will you know if your partner is really up to no good? Read on and find out if your partner is cheating on you. Here are ten signs for you to watch out for.


“He’s not interested in spending quality time with you”

1. Endless Excuses for Not Spending More Time with You – He’s excuses never seem to end. Excuses like he has to do some overtime, or he needs to go to a lunch meeting with the big boss. He can go on his list just to spend time with another woman. If things like this go on with the relationship then maybe it’s time for you to be concerned about his working schedule. He wants more time with his self or just wants you to leave him alone. Normally a man does not spend time with his self unless he has issues or the need to redeem one’s self. You have noticed that there is this part that he or she is no longer participating in making plans for an activity or a trip, where you can spend time together.

2. He or She is Grooming More Often – You may notice that your partner is paying more attention to his or her appearance. She has been buying a new dress and a perfume for no reason. Visits the salon more often and is always worried about how she would look. He who doesn’t really have a clue about designer clothes, is now interested in buying one. He who never used cologne before or the kind who never cares what he would like after a haircut is suddenly concerned about these things. Not that there is nothing wrong about looking good; but you might want to watch out for your partners “sudden” change in his or her appearance.

3. His or Her Passwords are Off Limits – His phone is always locked and if by chance that it is unlocked, he has already deleted the text history on his phone. If ever you discover multiple e-mails or social media accounts, chances are you don’t know its password. His computer habits might have changed lately or he is constantly texting every day. You can feel the invisible wall between your sheets. You go to bed and he is still in front of the computer. If he spends more than an hour on emails or busy texting when he doesn’t normally do this then you can consider this as a warning sign.

4. It Runs In The Blood – He is more likely to cheat if one of your partner’s parents has a record of cheating. If he learned it at home, most likely he would cheat on you. Doing a background check may be way off the line but a little knowledge about his background can really help. Ask a relative when you get the chance or a close friend of his but only if you bump into them.

5. Spends More Time on the Computer -You might want to check his computer’s browser history, if you sense that he is up to something no good. If he recently visited a married online dating site then there is a great chance that your spouse is having an affair. He or she may not be having an affair physically but emotionally. You might want to Google his name, and if it appears on a married online dating site then clearly he has been sneaking behind your back.

6. Not Too Affectionate – No cuddling in bed unlike before, you can feel your partner slowly disconnecting from you. If he does not touch you as much as he did in the past, then chances are he just cuddled with someone else. Your spouse may also refuse to make love with you. Often your spouse has rejected your offers of affection like sex or spending an intimate time with you. You can observe the situation for a while and pay attention to his changes.


“Look for suspicious phone calls”


7. Unusual Private Phone Calls – A little privacy is still important but if your spouse has been frequently answering or making phone calls in another room, there is something more to it than just an ordinary phone call. If your partner answers the phone with a whisper or whenever you are together he frequently ignores some of his phone calls. He is being too secretive and extra careful in answering his phone calls; he may be having an affair.

8. Your Nose Smells Something Different – Your sense of smell can tell you a lot whether you notice a sweet scent of perfume or a different scent of soap or shampoo. This may be a sign that your spouse has showered elsewhere, especially when he arrives from work looking fresh.

9. Sudden Change in Behavior and Attitude -Your spouse has been expressing an unexplainable anger from time to time. He or she may start to be impatient or rude around you. You find it hard to understand the sudden change and you sense a feeling of unhappiness. He or she picks fights for no reason and is too defensive about petty matters or issues. It may also be the other way around, a sudden shift of his attitude like becoming so sweet, loving and kind to you. Your spouse may be covering up for something unfaithful that he has done lately. His current expenses have increased or how he deals with his finances and budget allotment has shifted. This can be very confusing but if you know your partner well enough you will know that your gut feel is right.


“Some of his shirts are missing and some have lipstick marks on it”


10. His Garments Keeps on Missing – His garments have been missing from time to time for no reason but after a week you see it again in his closet. The chances are, he left it somewhere and there must be something more going on to the disappearing of his things. If he is always out and suddenly informs you about unplanned business trips. When he got back one of his boxers is missing but you see him wear it after a week. If this is the case then things are almost certainly not good.

If you noticed almost all of these signs in your partner then raise that red flag and open up. Tell him or her how you feel about the sudden changes in a calm way. If your partner reacts in a defensive way or is not too cooperative about it, then give it time. It is highly probable that he has been browsing through married internet dating sites and trying to find the best sites for cheating. There are various married online dating sites which could help him cheating on you. If your partner is really cheating, no matter how painful it is, you still deserve to know the truth.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Flings

“Understand the Rules to have a Fling”

“Understand the Rules to have a Fling”

Flings are great for hooking up on a temporary basis. They are not necessarily a no-strings attached situation, as a fling could sometimes play the role of a temporary boyfriend. However, this is not always the case and they do not commit most of the time. Flings are arrangements made to gratify sexual desires for short periods. They can be seasonal, changing with the context of time. One can enjoy summertime and springtime flings. Maybe you want to get cozy at wintertime too. They are created for fun and pleasure, serving whatever purpose you want. So go out there and have your flings, but be sure to get your motives right. You can only enjoy them with a carefree spirit, having no emotional attachment. Keep in mind, while in bliss, flings are temporary, expect them to end anytime. Go beyond that, and you will be pursuing a long-term, romantic relationship. You do not have to be an expert at flings to have a great time, just know the Do’s and Don’ts of the game.

Do Date outside Your Regular Circle of Friends

“Start dating outside your regular friend circle”

“Start dating outside your regular friend circle”

Flings are for fun and pleasure, but a part of the fun is finding dates that you do not know. One way to find dates is to go online, but there are plenty of scam fling sites, waiting to ruin your fun. So, how can you find the legit sites? You can read the reviews of the site, such as adultfriendfinder reviews that are compared here. You can find out if is a scam or not. You can also go out there in the real world – to bars, clubs, libraries, parks and meet as many folks as you desire. Look around; there must be someone whom you think you might like to hang out with. If you are a bit on the shy side, try browsing legit fling dating sites to see what they have to offer.

Do Not Date Friends, Relatives or Neighbors

It is never a good idea to fling with persons that you are emotionally attached to. These might include close friends and relatives of close friends, your distant cousin who you just met, your neighbor, co-worker to name a few. You should get the idea by now. Flings are for casual sex and fun without emotional obligation. Obviously, your emotions might get into the way of a great fling if you made this arrangement with the people closest to you.

Do Not Meet Relatives and Best Friends

This is a definite no-no. If you are not planning to be in a serious relationship with this person, then meeting parents and close friends will only give people something to talk about. Avoid any personal contacts and enjoy the sole person you are with.

Do Not Date a Married Person

Having a casual fling, free of commitment does not mean that you should have a go at anyone. Having a healthy casual relationship means that both partners are uncommitted and available. Having a fling with a married person can cause problems in the end so avoid it. There might be an exception to this rule if the married couple practices swinging or just looking for someone to temporarily enhance the relationship. Otherwise, visit legit fling dating sites online for disengaged individuals.

Do Put Away Your Social Gadgets

After selecting a partner from legit fling dating sites, ditch the tech gadgets. It is time to get over your Facebook addiction. Avoid posting status updates about your new fling. Your date is just for you and it is probably best not to share him with others. Besides, you could split at any time so do not waste your time adding his photos, updating status each time you bang, tweeting about him and so on. You will be together for a short time, so focus all your social energy on him.

Do Not Have a Romance

“Control your emotions and Stay away from romance”

“Control your emotions and Stay away from romance”

The sole purpose of a fling is for sex. Everything boils down to sex. So avoid all manner of romance when possible. Sure, you want to be nice and courteous to your date. However, there are ways of showing affection apart from getting into deep romance. Depending on the type of fling that you are having, you could offer a casual lunch date, give her taxi fare or something of that nature. There is no need to go beyond small gestures. Otherwise you will end up sending the wrong message.

Do Not Get Attached

“Try not to get attached”

“Try not to get attached”

If you want to enjoy your fling, therefore have lots of fun without getting emotionally attached. Of course, this is easier theoretically than in real-life. Actually, from the experiences of others, one can gather that becoming emotionally attached will disrupt a carefree fling. You have to set a different frame of mind than what you are accustomed to. Constantly remind yourself that your fling is temporary and mainly physical. Keep the relationship fun and casual as what you had originally planned to do. You can look for someone from legit fling dating sites who is emotionally stable, independent, carefree and ready for an unattached fling.

Do Inform Your Partner of the Circumstances of the Union

Do not try to get laid with someone without first letting them know what they are in for. As you would want to have sex with that person in the times ahead, do inform her of your intentions. It is simply not courteous to try to use someone. You should both be in it for fun and satisfaction and this can only happen if you both in mutual agreement and understanding.

Do Have a Fling While on Vacation

“Don’t forget to have a fling on vacation”

“Don’t forget to have a fling on vacation”

It is a great idea to start a fling while on a summer vacation. If you plan to go on vacation in a different country or state, all the better for you. Persons are constantly seeking temporary companionship while on vacation. So use this opportunity to get involved. Besides, vacations are perfect for flings. You will have lots of fun, lots of sex and say goodbye forever or until your vacation next year.

Do Protect Yourself

This cannot be stressed enough. Unless you are into having a fling with your wife, be sure to use protection. There are many consequences of sex including sexual infections and unplanned pregnancy. These two possibilities can ruin your fling fun and possibly your life. So beware, have fun but play it safe.

Do Not Expect the Unexpected

“Keep your expectations to a minimum”

“Keep your expectations to a minimum”

Rethink your motive before entering a casual sex arrangement. There should be no attachments, no deep romance and no future expectations. Some persons agree to fling partnership with the hope of building an intimate relationship later on. Do not let this be you. Having romantic expectations will block your carefree spirit, as you will find yourself worried about everything you do. It is likely that the other party will try to distance himself if he finds out that you are trying to create a more meaningful relationship. Eventually you will end up disappointed and heartbroken. If you need a genuine relationship, do not go seeking someone for a fling.

Do Prepare to Walk Away

Always plan an exit tactic from the very start. Do not end up in an awkward position trying to explain why you have to leave when it is time to leave. You should inform your casual partner that the fling would last until this or that date and no longer. When the fling is over, you both should be on your merry way back to your usual lives.

Above all, be honest with yourself and your date. Are you seeking a fling, or are you seeking someone with whom to have a lasting romantic relationship with? You have to be confident about what you want before you take the casual route. Once you are at it, it will be hard to change your mind and even attempting to do so can result in heartache in the end. In the meantime, go to those legit fling dating sites, meet someone special and have the fling of your life.

Education: How Technology is Changing Education

Thanks to the advances in technology, the education sector will benefit immensely. The abacus was invented to make teaching math a whole lot easier, now computers have changed the way that papers are researched, written and submitted. There is no doubt that technology has shaped the way we receive education; thankfully, learning has been made easier.

The internet, information technology (IT) and many other technological developments have restructured the way education is measured, delivered and attained.

Here’s how technology is changing education:

Availability & Convenience

A large number of universities and colleges offered distance learning courses prior to the arrival of the internet. The courses were hard to find and a lot of people could not get access to a college education because they lived too far from the nearest school.

Thanks to the internet, online based-schools have been launched and more people have access to a college education. Universities and colleges all over the nation offer degrees, diplomas and certificate programs in almost every course that can be completed online. There are schools that combine online with a couple of on-campus learning requirements. Students who live very far away from the closest university or college can now enroll in school and earn their degrees online.

e-learning courses, online

e-learning courses, online

Pedagogy (The Fine Art of Teaching)

Thanks to the advent of technology, teachers can supplement their teaching in more exciting ways. For instance, an internet video conferencing can enable teachers talk one-on-one with professionals who are not able to come to the classroom in person. Discussions with respected figures can be integrated into lessons using presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Because of the advancement in technology, it is much easier to communicate with students. Instructors can utilize texting, email, video chats, instant messaging and so much more in order to make themselves much more available to the students that need help or guidance with their school work. Getting help outside the four walls of a classroom is now easier and less frustrating.

Culture Fine Art Arts Artist

Culture Fine Art Arts Artist

Research Made Easy

We all know the significance of the school library when it comes to carrying out research. The internet is filled with a wealth of information! Carrying out research is now a piece of cake. Journals and article that were only available in very few libraries can now be found on the internet. Whole books, encyclopedias and other materials and tools can be gotten online – the best part is these materials can be gotten for free!

Thanks plagiarism tools, teachers can check their students’ work and find out if the student has just copied and pasted another person’s work and passing it off as theirs.

There is no doubt that technology is changing education today for the better!

Shows: My Top 3 TV Shows This Year

If you are one of those television show viewers that enjoys shows that are very innovative, special, interesting and features characters that you cannot get enough of, then you will definitely love my top 3 TV shows this year. Let’s face it, some of us love shows that challenges our reasoning abilities: Translation, if you are not smart, you will not be able to enjoy the show, period.

Here is my top 3 TV shows for this year:

  1. Bones

This show is very interesting! It is how an overconfident FBI agent and a forensic anthropologist created a team to investigate the causes of death. And most times, there really is not enough to examine than mere bones and decayed flesh. If you consider yourself to be a little squeamish when it comes to seeing dead bodies and rotten remains of a human being; well, I will advise you to brace yourself when watching bones. I love the way, the team of investigators can find out the cause of death of a seemingly “innocent” accident. Well, if this how serious the police treat every case they handle, this means that all criminals should watch out!

Bones: I'm gonna be honest

Bones: I’m gonna be honest

  1. Boston Legal

Boston Legal is a spinoff of the highly popular show called The Practice. Boston Legal focuses on Civil Law. I have always been a sucker for a good law movie or shows such as Matlock. William Shatner, James Spader & Candice Bergen all make a terrific cast. What I love most about this show is the energy and smarts of the lawyers. You may think that the District Attorney is making a good point, but bam! Our man goes straight for the jugular and case dismissed! I love shows that make you scream “Oh yeah! I didn’t see that coming”.

  1. Criminal Minds

If you are looking for a show that features handsome, beautiful and brilliant cast members; then the Criminal Minds makes the cut. This show is about an elite team of profilers that are assigned with the task of analyzing the country’s very dangerous criminal minds. They do this task in order to be able to anticipate the next move of these criminals before they are able to commit another crime. This show goes deep into how hard the law enforcement agencies work in order to ensure that the society is free of lunatics who think that it is funny to kill someone. It will shock you to know how the typical criminal mind works.

Criminal Minds esprit criminel

Criminal Minds esprit criminel

Well, these three shows are my top 3 TV shows this year. Those who love shows like these will agree that the aforementioned shows are a must watch.

Must Know First Date Tips

One of the most exciting times in your life is when you go on dates; but it is important that you make a really good impression on your first date which could lead to a second, third, fourth dates. It is also important that you are careful when you are going on a date, especially if you have never met the person before (a blind date, internet boyfriend/girlfriend). You must never take things too lightly if you are on a date with a stranger.

Safety on a first date can be achieved by simply keeping in mind valuable first date tips:

Get to Know your Date Better

There is no doubt that the main reason for going on a date is to get to know the other person much better. This is the time when the two persons share personal details about themselves, their likes and dislikes and many other topics. It is always a good idea to go to places or environments where you will more comfortable, theme parks or museums can be a really great option; you can get details about each other and feel comfortable doing so. Having a friendly outing is truly a great way to start off relationship that you want to grow into a long term relationship.

to know your date better

to know your date better

Watch Your Date Closely

A lot of people are in abusive or terrible relationships today because they simply chose to ignore certain character signs displayed by their partners during their first date. If you are going out on date for the first time with a person who displays certain traits that you are not comfortable with; there is no rule that says that you must go on a second date with the person. If he or she is very rude to the service staff at the restaurant, the taxi cab driver and the door man at your apartment building; you should NEVER ignore this sign. He or she could be become dangerous when you upset them.

Being the Best Girlfriend a

Being the Best Girlfriend a

Keep Safety in Mind

It is important that you do not ignore your safety when you go out on a first date with a person you do not know. Ensure that you take along extra cash, a cell phone, pepper spray, and jacket. You need the cash to take you back home when your date is refusing to drop you at your home, and wants you to go elsewhere. You can call 911 with your phone if your date attacks you or threatens you with physical abuse.

3 short exercises you can do at home to keep fit

The healthiest way to live is to eat a balanced diet and keep fit with physical exercise. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, it often becomes difficult finding time to visit a gym or even go for a walk or run at the park. Many people are looking for short but effective exercises that can be done at home and that will help them keep fit.

Budget is also a consideration for many. By exercising at home, you can do away with the cost of expensive gym membership. Get healthier by losing weight without leaving your home. Here are 3 short exercises you can do at home to keep fit.

  1. Mountain Climbers’ is an exercise you would have probably done in school. Get to the push-up position and place your hands on a box or on the floor. Keep the balls of your foot on the floor and arms straight. Lift your left knee towards your left arm and repeat the same with your right knee. This is a simple and short exercise that will keep your knee, calf and arm muscles strong.

    Mountain climbers is a great

    Mountain climbers is a great

  2. Squat Thrust is another great exercise we learnt at school. We can do this exercise at home to become physically fit. This is a simple, easy to do exercise routine ideally suited for home workouts. The first step is to bring your hands to the box or ground from a standing position. End up in a push-up position by kicking your feet back. This can place pressure on your spine. You must therefore prevent too much extension of your back by keeping your abs engaged. Stand again by reversing the process and continue the routine.
  3. The third exercise is even simpler. All you have to do is to run in a place as fast as possible or use a box to step up and down on it. This again is a simple exercise that can be done with ease at home.

Now that you know three simple exercises to do at home, how do you piece them together? You can do them in a circuit fashion which means you can take minimal breaks and continue from one exercise to another. You can catch your breath with extra time if necessary. Start with three rounds initially and step up to any number of rounds you are capable of.

Doing Squat Thrusts work

Doing Squat Thrusts work


Typically, three to four days of workout is enough to maintain your fitness level. If you want quicker and better results you can increase the frequency. A great tip is to use an adjustable step-up box. This will help you adjust the height as you become comfortable with the intensity level.


Housing: When is the right time to buy a house?

For the first time house buyers, the job may seem a little bit frightening. With so many things to take into consideration and several terminologies – it might sound like a burden instead of making an investment. There are various other factors to keep into consideration other than deciding on the best region and the link to extract. Security and insurance coverage are also important factors to consider. However, one of the most important things to consider when you are planning to purchase a home is “when is the right time to purchase a house”.

When it comes to purchasing a home, one needs to purchase at the right time. Eventually, when taking the decision in respect of buying a home at the right time, there are some aspects to consider. One of the most important aspects is interest rates. You should purchase a home when you get lower interest rates. Lower interest rates signify lower repayments per month. Obviously, higher interest rates denote that you will disburse more. Interest rates are basically the rate that the person pays the bank for giving the loan. But its not only interest rates that find out when is the right time to buy a house. Other factors are the buyer’s market, personal conditions, inflation and your employment.

If you are planning to buy a house, this is the right time.

If you are planning to buy a house, this is the right time.


Market cycle usually involves the term buyer’s market, when furnish for homes surpasses order. House owners tend to sell their houses for less than the actual cost of the house just because they desperately want to sell but unable to get enough offers. Since you have the chance to negotiate and select from a broad variety of homes, it is certainly measured the right time to purchase.

Before planning to buy a home, it is essential to check your financial situation and current employment. With a tough economic condition, many people have lost their jobs all around the world and consequently enormous raise in foreclosures. You should answer some of the questions before making the final decision. How safe is your earnings? What if you lose your job? Would you be able to pay the home payment while you look for some other jobs? It is certainly not easy to lose your employment with the responsibility to disburse the home mortgage. Therefore, it is important to have some sort of employment security before you buy a home. And in case you sense any problem with your employment, it would be better to put it on hold for sometime.

When is the right time to buy

When is the right time to buy

Buying a home is a big decision which needs serious considerations. Therefore, you should consider all the factors mentioned above in order to make an informed decision regarding the right time to buy a home.